Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Australian firms such UGL, TTG Transportation Technology, Atlas Rail, Track IQ and Aurizon in the railway equipment technology, services and freight operations space are looking for potential business options in the Indian railway market, one of the largest markets globally.

A delegation from Australia met the Railway Board Chairman AK Mital and his colleagues on Tuesday. “There is a great deal of synergy between Australia and India at a time when India is trying to modernise its railways,” Peter Ironmonger, Trade Manager Infrastructure, Austrade, told.

Main Market

Ironmonger said, heavy haul operations through dedicated freight corridor, training and education and energy efficiency are the specific areas where there is scope for learning from Australia. “None of the companies in the global rail market can ignore the Indian rail market,” TTG Transportation’s MD Dale Coleman said. TTG Transportation offers energy efficiency solutions and has deployed its equipment in certain Indian Railway segments. It claims it can help save between 5-6 per cent to as high as 12-13 per cent of energy. TTG Transportation’s customers include heavy haul railway operators including Aurizon of Australia and high-speed trains such as TGV of French railway operator, SNCF. UGL, a rolling stock designer, manufacturer and maintainer, has a presence in India through a tie-up with Texmaco and supplies products to South Africa, Mozambique and the local Indian Railway market.

Bigger Share

“The company gets less than 5 per cent of its business from India as of now, and we are looking to grow it significantly over the next few years,” Alan Beacham, Executive General Manager – Rail & Defence, UGL, said. Atlas Rail, a subsidiary of Marand, has done a small business in India by supplying equipment in the depot for Delhi Metro. “The company was redesigning its products and is now back in India to understand the business and accordingly take call,” Rohan Stocker, CEO, Atlas Rail, said.

Another firm, Track IQ, which provides predictive maintenance solutions, has already provided one installation. “The company had submitted a tender to Indian Railways a few years ago, and is yet to get a final decision,” said David Rennison, MD, Track IQ.

Aurizon, the rail freight operator, sees scope in training for heavy haul operations at a time when Indian Railways developing the dedicated freight corridor, according to James Moutafis, Vice-President, Strategy and Business Development, Aurizon.

Source: Rail News


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